Bingo Rules

  1. No one under 18 years of age is permitted in the Dalton Hall during bingo operating hours.
  2. No shirt, No shoes, No service
  3. Smoking (cigarettes, cigars, vape devices etc.) is not permitted inside of the Dalton Hall
  4. Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited.
  5. Seeds and shelled nuts are not allowed.
  6. Solicitation is not permitted
  7. The use of cellular phone volume is prohibited. Please put your phone on silent or vibrate and if you must use it take it to the Hall entrance.
  8. Use of outlets (i.e., electrical, Ethernet or USB) is strictly prohibited Any damages incurred due to usage will be at the expense of the person caught using the outlet.
  9. All buy-ins and programs are subject to change without notice.
  10. Bingo management reserves the right to refuse services to any person.
  11. In the event of a discrepancy, the decision of the management is final.
  12. Verbal abuse and or disorderly behavior directed to guests or bingo associates will not be tolerated.
  13. Bingo paper and devices are not permitted to leave the Dalton Hall.
  14. Personal belongings will not save a seat in the Dalton Hall. You must have a paid receipt dated for the sessions’ date to occupy a seat; you will be asked to leave if you are not playing bingo.
  15. All Regular Session sales are final once first ball on the first Regular Session game is called. All other refunds will be at discretion of Bingo Management.
  16. Pull Tab and Strip sales are final.
  17. Pack sharing or switching is not allowed. Once a game has started the person who makes the initial mark (daub) on any bingo game sheet will be deemed the player of the pack. The amount of packs being played must match with what is stated on your receipt. It is the responsibility of the guest to verify the receipt is correct prior to the start of the session. If it is determined a card was marked by more than one person, winning cards may be rendered invalid and the prize(s) will be forfeited. Players may watch machines and call bingo for players using the restroom only. The person in possession of a bingo electronic device at the start of bingo play will be deemed the player of the device. If a guest is in direct possession of 2 or more bingo electronic devices, winning cards may be rendered invalid and the prize(s) will be forfeited.
  18. When playing 2 or more paper packs, please be courteous to your neighbors. Each customer is allowed a space of 3 packs directly in front of them.
  19. Only one computer per customer per bingo session. If you are not with your purchased computer at the time of the bingo; it may be rendered invalid. Exceptions will be made for players needing to use the restroom.
  20. Prizes must be claimed by the individual who initiates the first mark (daub) on bingo paper and or who assumes initial possession of an electronic bingo device.
  21. Electronic bingo device malfunction voids all play and pays. Management is not responsible for equipment malfunction. Use of electronic bingo devices is at the sole risk of the purchaser.
  22. Bingo employees are not permitted to play bingo cards for guests.
  23. You must have bingo on the last number called. Once the caller starts to call any part of the next number (letter), no previous bingos will be honored, and the game shall continue. Once the caller closes the game, no other bingos will be honored.
  24. The customer is responsible for shouting “Bingo” loud enough to alert a bingo employee to stop the game. If a bingo employee is alerted, the bingo will be valid regardless of callers actions.
  25. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure their winning card is retrieved. If your winning card has not been retrieved for verification by a bingo attendant, continue to yell bingo until acknowledged by an attendant.
  26. In the event of multiple bingos, all payouts are aggregate. It is the guest responsibility to alert the runner of multiple Bingos on their machine. This includes Pull Tab event games and Strips.
  27. Receipts must be presented by guest prior to winning card verification.
  28. 30 second rule: Once a floor clerk arrives to retrieve a winning card, guests have 30 seconds to produce their valid receipt. Bingo associates are not responsible for misplaced admission receipts or bingo paper.
  29. Players are responsible for playing on the correct game sheet. Refunds will not be issued for games that are played incorrectly or are not played.
  30. Any altered, mutilated or defaced bingo cards or tickets will not be honored.
  31. Winners of $1,200 or more must produce two forms of identification (a social security card and a valid picture I.D.) to collect winnings.
  32. Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Bingo management is not responsible to investigate, refund or replace lost, stolen or abandoned items.
  33. Please keep talking to a minimum while bingo is being called. Disruptive guests will be asked to leave.
  34. Guests who are asked to leave Dalton hall will not receive a refund.
  35. Bingo paper must be used on the day of purchase. Bingo paper that cannot be verified (with or without a winning pattern), will be rendered invalid and guests will be asked to leave.