Twice a year, Jackson Rancheria awards 14 employees for pursuing excellence in work achievements and contributing to a positive work environment through our Arrow of Excellence and Team Leader of Excellence awards. Employees are nominated by anyone within the company, reviewed, and selected by our Executive Committee members. They will then be presented a recognition letter, lapel pin, an elite parking permit good for 6 months, 8 hours of PTO, and a $500 after tax award.


Chris Catemis

Chris’s nomination letter stated, “Chris not only hears us, she LISTENS to us.  There is no problem or concern that is too small to take the time to sit down and discuss. She demonstrates trust in our abilities and knowledge and collaborates with us on problems, taking into account everyone’s ideas and suggestions. Chris takes the time to help us look at any problem as an opportunity to learn and grow. She always makes herself available for our team. She works with us and provides us the tools we need to get the job done. I have always loved working for Jackson Rancheria and I feel especially lucky to work directly under, and with Chris.”

Thank you, Chris, for your consistent leadership and compassion for your team. We are truly fortunate to have you here with us at Jackson Rancheria!

Here Chris is photographed with Jake Zanetta, our assistant General Manager who helped present her with this award.


Jennifer Clarke & Kurt Wagner

Jennifer Clarke, a food server at Lone Wolf who won the Arrow of Excellence award was described as, “…always positive and copes extremely well with difficult guests and staff members who might not be having a good day. She is always happy and energetic at work. One thing that she does that goes above and beyond is she gets the cooks water every day before service. If she has time during service, she will even ask them if they need anything else. She has so much care and compassion towards everyone, and she shows it every minute of every shift.” Thank you, Jennifer, for being the best part of Who We Are!

Kurt Wagner, the manager of Lone Wolf, is also one of our Team Leader of Excellence award winners! His nomination letter shared, “Kurt’s kindness and proficiency has established a deep affection from the guests. He knows a large percentage of his guests on a first name basis and knows their needs. He has built a solid front of house team with an emphasis on excellent service contributing to the restaurants many rewards and excellent reviews. His staff has a deep loyalty and respect for him.” Thank you, Kurt, for your hard work and setting a great example for your employees!

You both are an inspiration with your persistent, positive attitudes. We can’t thank you enough!


Kiana Brazell

Kiana’s nomination form shared, “Kiana is very professional with every guest and always uses their first name when greeting them, which creates a welcoming atmosphere. She always comes to work on time and makes the transition between shifts as easy as possible. Throughout her shift, she is always smiling and creating laughter among guests and co-workers, which is contagious. She has care and compassion for everyone and makes sure everyone has a sense of belonging here at Jackson Rancheria.”

Thank you, Kiana, for emulating our values here at Jackson Rancheria. We are thankful you choose us as your employer each and every day!

Photographed from left to right we have Bill Thornton – CFO, Kiana Brazell – Cage Cashier and Arrow of Excellence Award Winner, and Elyshia Ditty – Cage Operations Manager.


Guadalupe Rodriguez De Ochoa & Lou Saechao

They were nominated jointly, and their nomination form stated, “Lupe and Lou work Graveyard on the Casino cleaning crew and are either vacuuming or shampooing the carpet when I arrive in the morning. Both tasks are physically demanding and they always appear to be working extremely diligently. These two maybe the most consistently hardest workers I have observed in many years in the Casino business. They both are extremely pleasant and interact well with employees and guests alike. What they do is a very difficult job under a less than ideal shift (graveyard), and they always seem to be focused on their work and in keeping Jackson Rancheria clean for our guests.”

Thank you, Lupe and Lou, for always showing up and working hard for your team. We are all so lucky to have you as our peers!


Seiha Chhub

Her nomination form stated, “Seiha has a consistent work ethic. She maintains a positive, thankful attitude year after year in this demanding job. A backbone to the outlet, this employee keeps the dish pit up to speed and clean even during the busiest of times.  She can always be counted on by her fellow staff. She works with great speed and productivity when most needed. She gives her all to satisfy demands of a busy dinner service. She shows consistency, selflessness, and commitment to excellence.”

Thank you, Seiha, for consistently showing up with a positive attitude and making Jackson Rancheria a great place to work. The determination and inspiration you bring is truly appreciated by all!

Photographed starting from the left we have Kevin Spears –  Food and Beverage Manager, Bob Lyons –  Executive Director of Hospitality, Seiha Chhub – Dishwasher and Arrow of Excellence Award Winner, Jake Zanetta –  Assistant General Manager, Richard Bidwell – Executive Chef, and Bill Thornton – CFO.


Serafin Pineda

Serafin has been here over 18 years, and this is what others have to say about him. “Serafin treats all employees, coworkers and guests with respect at all times. He adapts quickly to change and can adjust workloads to be available to help out others when needed. On many occasions, you will find him engaging in conversations with our guests on the gaming floor. He exceeds daily responsibilities and always gives more. His attendance and punctuality are excellent; we can always count on him. He displays one of the best attitudes every single day. He is so kind and a true asset to this company.”

Thank you, Serafin, for consistently showing up and representing our core values each and every day. We are so proud to be your employer, and we thank you for setting such an amazing example for all!

Photographed starting from the left we have Cyndee Gardner –  Facilities Director, Bill Thornton –  CFO, Serafin Pineda – Custodian and Arrow of Excellence Award Winner, Mike Turngren –  General Manager, Rob Tennyson –  Facilites Manager, and Katherine King –  Facilities Supervisor.


Shanon Arnan

This is what our people have to say about Shanon. “Shanon has a positive outlook and always looks at the silver lining when things do not go as well as hoped. For example, on the recent fuel dispenser replacement at the General Store, Shanon remained enthusiastic about the upgrades even though it took longer than expected. Her positive energy is contagious and clearly sets the stage for a happy work environment, which in turn results in a pleasant shopping experience for customers. Shanon is a team player that rolls with the punches and has the unique ability to direct her staff in a positive, unthreatening way.”

Thank you, Shanon, for always leading by example and creating a welcoming environment for your employees and guests! Your ability to work so well with others is truly a gift that we appreciate so much!

Photographed starting from the left we have Jake Zanetta – Assistant General Manager, Bill Thronton – CFO, Shanon Arnan – Mercantile Manager and Team Leader of Excellence Award Winner, Bob Lyons – Executive Director of Hospitality, and Joey Weyer – General Store Manager.


Sloan Farley

Sloan has been here for nearly 3 years, and this is what her co-workers have to say about her. “Sloan is one of the friendliest and caring people I have ever met. For example, she will put a co-workers favorite candy in their cubicle or hanging wall file holder. She has surprised some with gifts, all without leaving a note or revealing it was her. Regardless of what she has going on in her personal life, she comes to work with a positive attitude. She ensures her co-workers are aware that she is there to lend a helping hand. She exemplifies care and compassion – we even joke that it sounds as though a Disney princess is in the cubical next door with her kindness and compassion for others.”

Thank you, Sloan, for consistently showing compassion and kindness to your team. We feel so lucky you picked us as your employer of choice!

Photographed starting from the left we have Clarissa Peterson – Accountant, Kim Collins – Accounting Manager, Sloan Farley – Accounts Payable Clerk and Arrow of Excellence Award Winner, and Travis Brown – Assistant Controller.

Marife Acain

Marife has been working at Jackson Rancheria for over 10 years! Her nomination form shared, “Through kindness, cheerfulness, relational skills, charm, and efficiency, Marife has endeared herself to our guests. Her consistent and pleasant demeanor is not affected by circumstances that change around her on a daily basis. Marife never has a bad day and represents the best service Jackson Rancheria has to offer. She is respected and liked by all, including fellow staff members and guests. She will consistently stay late to help guests when we are shorthanded, and guests truly love and appreciate her.”

Thank you, Marife, for your hard work and dedication to Jackson Rancheria. Your work ethic and positive attitude is deeply appreciated!


Don Helmig

Don has been working at Jackson Rancheria for over 17 years! He has rose through the ranks over those years, and this is what others have to say about him. “Don is very guest oriented. When he is notified of an issue with a machine malfunction, you can be sure he is wasting no time to come and remedy the solution. He is thorough and follows through, then circles back and lets the person who notified him the outcome. He always has a smile on his face and every situation is handled with ease. You can come to him for anything and he will be more than happy to assist you. He is very knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. He has been with the company for a long time, and care and compassion with the job and guests comes so naturally to him. If he sees you need help with something, he will go out of his way to help you. If he sees a guest that needs assistance while walking the floor, he will always stop and see if he can help. He always shows up to work with a positive attitude, and is just a real, down to earth person. He truly leads by example and has taught his team the same work ethics. Jackson Rancheria is very fortunate to have him as part of the team!”

Thank you, Don, for creating a welcoming and positive environment for those around you each and every day. We are so appreciative of your leadership and can-do attitude!

Photographed from left to right we have Jake Zanetta – Assistant General Manager, Don Helmig – Lead Slot Technician and Team Leader of Excellence Award Winner, and Ben Mauck – Slot Director.


Ignacio Martinez

Ignacio has been working at Jackson Rancheria for over 19 years, and those who work with him have this to say. “Ignacio works on the Gaming floor every day, always with a smile and willingness to provide great guest service. I have seen him hold doors and provide immediate service to guests in need on many different occasions. Ignacio provides a well-maintained and clean work area while staying on task. He finds extra ways to keep working when he finishes his daily duties. The positivity he shows every day is a real example to others, and he is one of the most reliable employees I have ever known. In the nineteen years this employee has been here, I can only remember two unscheduled absences. The reliability he provides is truly remarkable.”

Thank you, Ignacio, for the consistently going above and beyond. Your positive attitude and dedication to your team does not go unnoticed! We appreciate you!